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To view this website and use the functionality offered, we recommend a monitor resolution of 1280 x 1024 and javascript must be enabled. This website is optimized to be compatible with the current versions of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (Windows 7)
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  • Safari 5 (Windows 7,8; Mac iOS)

This website has not been optimized for use with other browsers, including Opera or Lynx. This website has not been optimized for backwards compatibility with older versions of IE, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, in which known conflicts exist. Using non-compatible browsers or systems may prevent you from viewing or using some functional components in this website.

Known issues

IE 9. Internet Explorer 9 and older versions may generate javascript errors, and they do not support some attributes employed in the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which are responsible for page layout, styling and some functionality.

Safari 4 and 5. Safari 4 and older versions do not interpret some javascripts and CSS responsible for page layout, styling and some functionality.

Update Shockwave/Flash Player and Update Your Browser! Download the latest versions of your favorite browser, Acrobat and Flash Player. You may notice more frequent prompts to update Flash or your browser on your computer. Critical security patches and functional enhancements are deployed in updated browsers and new product releases. If you are on a Mac, you may have to restart your computer to complete update installations.

This website uses pop-up and modal windows. If you use a pop-up blocker, it may be convenient to enable pop-ups for this website (in the browser, usually near or just below the url address box at the top of your screen) or hold down the control [Ctrl] key when clicking a link to launch a new browser window. Pop-up windows will open under a new tab in tabbed browsers such as IE and Firefox (also Mozilla Firefox).

This website employs javascript, jquery, cascading style sheets (css) and dynamic html (dhtml). Older version browsers may not properly render pages that employ these functional components. Also, disabling javascript or cookies can reduce functionality in some browsers. Check the Internet Options settings on your browser to ensure these functions are enabled (the settings usually may be found under the "Security" tab).

Adobe Acrobat Reader is require to view PDF files stored or generated on this website. Mac platform may prevent PDF files from launching, if all installation steps are not completed. Installation of Acrobat Reader on Mac platform:

  • Download the free Adobe Reader from the Adobe.com website
  • Quit any open browsers
  • Launch Adobe Reader (the icon should appear on your desktop) and enter a password when prompted—this step enables Adobe to save necessary browser plug-in files to your hard drive (if you do not follow all steps, installation will not be completed and the Reader may not work)

Adobe Flash is required to view some slide shows and videos presented in this website. You will need to have the most current version of the Flash Player to view this content. Download the free Adobe Flash Player from the Adobe.com website.

Anti-Virus software. If you experience difficulties downloading or installing Flash or Acrobat Reader or some functional features on this website (animation) do not display or "play," your Anti-Virus software or its security settings may be inhibiting download, proper installation, or playback. Anti-virus software may also automatically disable Active X controls in your browser, which is used by Flash and scripting throughout this website. Depending upon your computer system and anti-virus software, you may wish to consult an IT specialist about adjusting your browser security settings to maintain proper security and also enable functionality of Active X controls, applications, javascript and other scripting used in this website.

CSS3 and Internet Explorer (IE) browser. CSS3 is the W3C standardized specification for the style sheet language that controls the presentation layout of the pages in this website. IE 8 and earlier versions of IE do not support some properties and selectors in CSS3. The unsupported features are mostly visual, such as CSS animation and drop shadows. The latest versions of many major browsers including Firefox and Safari offer more support of the CSS3 specification.

How to check the browser version you are using:

  • At the top of your browser window, select "Help" from the main menu (in Safari check under "Safari," in Firefox check under "Firefox")
  • Move down to and select  "About [browser]" (e.g. "About Internet Explorer")
  • A small window will open, showing which version you are using

Printing issues. Mozilla Firefox for both PC and Mac platforms has known printing issues. Specifically, web pages with long content may output only the first page to a printer and no succeeding pages. Using another browser is recommended, if you wish to print.

Printing without page headers and footers. IThe page header and footer can be suppressed from printing by adjusting your browser settings. In the top left side of the browser, go to the "File" menu and select "Page Setup…" Either delete the default data entries in the header and footer boxes or select "--blank--" from the drop down menu. You may also adjust page margins in this screen. Click "OK."

Disappearing scrollbars. Older versions of Safari have a known bug for which browser scrollbars will not display automatically, as they should, on web pages with long content. Please download the most recent Safari browser, if you experience problems with browser scrollbars not appearing where they should.

Report a trouble, bugs

Please report problems with display and functionality so we can improve this website. The configuration of software, operating system and settings on a local computer may produce conflicts and display issues when using some websites or when using some versions of some browsers. We may not be able to replicate and troubleshoot every user's experience due to individual variability, but we will try. Please visit our contact page on this site to report a trouble.

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