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THE RIFLEMAN 60th Anniversary (1958 – 2018)


The 60th Anniversary Set of THE RIFLEMAN contains all 168 episodes of the 5-Season series in the order of their original television broadcast, a Music CD of the original theme music composed by Herschel Gilbert Burke, Three Archival Rifleman Scripts, a Rifleman Bandana, Coaster, Commemorative Pin, and Signed and Numbered Certificate.

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Johnny Crawford (Mark McCain) with Steven Gardner, CEO of Levy-Gardner-Laven Productions, December 2019.


Product Specifications

The Rifleman – 60th Anniversary Set
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32 discs in 10 volumes, packaged in Premium Amray cases with printed program insert

Black and White

English Subtitles (closed-captions)

DVD Run time: 4032 minutes

Music CD of original Rifleman theme music composed by Herschel Burke Gilbert

Three Archival Rifleman scripts: Episodes 1, 2 & 4, reproduction of annotated scripts in soft cover binding

Rifleman bandana, screen printed orange on black cotton blend, machine washable, cool iron on back side

Commemorative Pin: black, white and orange enamel on brass.

Box Dimensions: 17 1/4" x 6" x 7 3/4"

Weight: 6 lbs 4 oz.

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THE RIFLEMAN – How It All Began

Westerns were a popular genre when THE RIFLEMAN debuted on Dick Powell's "Zane Grey Theatre" (CBS) on March 7, 1958. The pilot premiered on ABC in the regular television season on September 30 of the same year. The series was a hit with fans and ran for five seasons, ending with its 168th episode on April 8, 1963. THE RIFLEMAN was awarded a Screen Director's Guild Certificate of Nomination for Best Produced TV Series of 1959 and also was nominated for an Emmy in the Best Western Series category for the show's 1958–59 season. The series co-star Johnny Crawford received an Emmy Award nomination for his portrayal as Chuck Connors' sensitive young son, Mark McCain.

In an era when westerns proliferated on the small screen, the show's producers sought to differentiate it from a crowded genre in which a six-gun was the signature firearm. The show's title was the conception of Jules Levy. Although Sam Peckinpah wrote the original screenplay for "The Shooting Match" pilot (later retitled "The Sharpshooter") and is generally credited with developing the show's premise and overall tone, the core themes which anchored each and every episode were conceived by producer and director Arnold Laven. The custom Winchester rifle was his conception, as was building the show around a close father-son relationship, which was a striking departure from the grittier grown-up fare in other westerns of the 1950s. Laven also wanted to focus on the life lessons and growing pains of a young boy, and in a first for primetime television, the struggles of a single parent who strives to be a good role model for his son and an upstanding citizen in his community. The show's core themes resonated with viewers, and so did the chemistry between the lead actors. The affection between Chuck Connors (Lucas McCain) and Johnny Crawford (Mark McCain) portraying father and son was genuine — they remained lifelong friends.

No one, not even the series' creators, Jules Levy, Arthur Gardner, and Arnold Laven, imagined that their story of a widowed father raising his young son alone on the western frontier in the 1880s would have an enduring appeal that would last 60 years. When Levy-Gardner-Laven Productions Inc. became the sole copyright proprietor of THE RIFLEMAN in 1972, the television series continued to be actively syndicated worldwide, and thanks to THE RIFLEMAN's dedicated fans, it continues to this day.

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60th Anniversary Set memory chest (top view)


All five seasons of The Rifleman in 10 volumes
packaged in premium Amray cases
with program insert


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