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Johnny Crawford on the set of The Rifleman with the camera crew
Johnny playing guitar and singing
Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain in Dark Day at North Fork, episode 100
More than 320 fans shared personal messages of support and fond recollections dedicated to Johnny during the 2020 holiday season.
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Dear Johnny
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Walter Fulton
Lancaster, S.C.

Dear Johnny,
I met you, not long ago, at the Greentree Inn in Victorville, Calif. I wanted to wish you the merriest Christmas ever! Keep on riding and doing your best.
Sincerely, Richard E. Behmer

Dearest Johnny,
You’ve filled our hearts to overflowing with joy, goodness, and love. May God Bless and fill yours with health and happiness, and may you remember that you are in the thoughts and hearts of millions of fans and friends.
Steve V

Dear Johnny,
Thanks for everything. Happy holiday.
your fan, Richie, Ridgewood, Queens, NY

Love ya Brother.....
I currently watch the episodes frequently to relax my outlook on such an advanced existence theses days..... was much simpler at Norfolk !!

Thank you Johnny for bringing your life into my life playing Mark on the Rifleman. It is my favorite tv western.
God Bless and Merry CHRISTMAS,

I love your show, I watch Rifleman everyday. Thank you for being on a great show.
your biggest fan,

Dear Johnny,
You were my role model as a young boy and my favorite actor from my childhood!
May God bless you this Christmas and always.
All my best wishes to you!
Doug Robbins, Manchester, IA

Dear John,
You have made the world a better place and we love you for that!
Merry Christmas.

Wishing you the very best during this Holiday Season and upcoming New Year!
Stay strong and know you have the support of all your fans!
Paul E., San Jose, California

Enjoyed The Rifleman so much. Where I grew up we didn’t get to watch it. So about ten years ago they brought it back on the air in Kansas City. So it was like watching a new episode every day. Thanks so much for the show. God speed my friend.
Thanks for the memories!
Novinskie Family Farm

Dear Johnny,
I loved watching you and Chuck Connors during my childhood in Hawai’i. Wishing you all the best during these difficult holidays from all of Hawai’i. ;)
Aloha nui,
--Jackie Young, Honolulu, Hawai’i

Dear Johnny,
Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Wishing you the best of health.
Cathy Snopkowski, Halfmoon, NY

Dear Johnny,
Wishing you the best Christmas and Holiday Season.
Rose Ann and Lisa Moroni

Hi Johnny,
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you are up and around soon! Thanks for all the years you have entertained me, you are a great actor! May GOD bless you!
Your Friend,
Dan Collins

Dearest Johnny.
May you have the warmth and all the Blessings of the season,
Thanks for the many memories of our Beloved Mark McCain
Mrs Shera S Callahan, Dallas, Texas

Dear Johnny,
I have recorded all The Rifleman shows from my tv and watch them every day..thank you sir.
Gary.S, St George, Utah

Dear Johnny,
Wishing you the best Christmas and New Year. I was too young to remember the Rifleman when 1st aired, but watch it everyday it is on TV now. I really enjoy the show and probably know each episode by heart.
Best to you, Diane, Maryland

Dear Johnny,
Wishing you a happy holiday. Still love watching you grow up on the Rifleman.
Liz Jones, Indiana, PA

Dear Johnny,
I hope you are able to enjoy this holiday season . I have been a fan for decades . I good friend of mine Steve H. and I Make reference to your show quite often.
Take Care, and thank you for all the great memories.
Tom Bontfiglio

God bless you, Johnny. You have given me joy from your work all of my life. Prayers for your comfort.

Dear Johnny, God bless you and yours. Praying for you and your wife, Charlotte. Merry Christmas!
Rev. Creighton Lovelace, Forest City, NC

Dear Johnny,
We want to thank you for making the character of Mark McCain a role model of a good son. Your chemistry with Chuck Conners has held up for several generations. We also enjoy hearing your music across several genres.
Much love from Us

Hope you have the best holiday season ever!
Sudden Sam Lees, St. Petersburg, Fla.

I wish you all the best this Christmas season. Please remember that you are loved.
Paul Madsen, Des Plaines, IL

Dear Johnny,
Have always been a big fan of the Rifleman. I would have to say my favorite scenes were of you and Chuck Connors showing how important love is between a father and son. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks.
David, Austin TX

Dear Johnny
Merry Christmas!… thank you for giving me the greatest gift, The Rifleman show.
Peace to you.
Glen Ringersen


Thank you for all the positive messages in every one of the episodes. This was my favorite show as a child and I still love watching when I can. I hope you enjoyed playing that role.
With kindest regards,
Diane Gonzalez

Thank You for all the wonderful entertainment. May God Bless You, wishing you The Best this Holiday and everyday!
James Cawley

Dear Johnny,
I pray that you get well my TV brother. I call you that because I watched Rifleman right from the crib. Have a good and safe holiday, you hear.
Cliff Starks, Chicago, Ill

Dear Johnny, aka Mark,
I grew up watching the rifleman and still enjoy watching it today with my grandkids. It truly was a wonderful show, and we could learn a lot from it’s lessons in today’s world. Wishing you a blessed Holiday season.
Sue K

Johnny (and Charlotte),
Wishing you the best at Christmas time. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to part of your life. I treasure your friendship. Merry Christmas!
Tracey (Bacus)

Merry Christmas Johnny!
With this note we send you our love and prayers for a warm, happy holiday. Thank you for the many years you have entertained us.
Ed and Marie, Oceanside, CA

A Very Merry Christmas Johnny. You have given my wife and I much happiness throughout the years. Our prayers are with you and we ask God to bless you with long life and good health.
Our Love always,
Lucia and Lawrence Rodriguez

Dear Johnny,
I am praying for you and Charlotte as you are facing these medical problems. I always like watching The Rifleman. I have your CD of Sweepin’ the Clouds Away and listen to it every day.
Donna Franklin, from Camas, WA

Great show, always watch when available. Always a good moral lesson to be learned. Sure beats what is available today. Good luck Johnny hang in there.

Big fan of the rifleman series, best wishes Johnny

Of all the weekly westerns in the late 1950s and early 1960s when I was in grammar school, The Rifleman was our very favorite. You and Lucas and Micah and Millie-Lou Mallory, Nils and the rest were part of our family. A moral to each episode.

Dear Johnny,
I pray God’s healing upon you. You were my first love! I was about 10 yrs old and I loved Mark McCain! Still a forever fan. May you know and find His peace during this time of year.
Cheryl, From Ohio

Dear Johnny,
Thank you for all the wonderful memories on The Rifleman. Also on your Jazz band! My prayers are with you forever! God bless you.
Your friend,
Joe Volpe Sayreville, N.J.

Dear Johnny,
You and your Pa influenced my life in such a positive way that I can never thank you enough. The Rifleman would never have the influence that it has if not for you.
Merry Christmas and God Bless You, now and always.

Merry Christmas. You are a BIG part of the best television series ever!
Glenn in Redondo

Merry Christmas Johnny!
I watch you everyday on The Rifleman and i love it. Wishing you the best this holiday season my friend. God Bless you man.
Keith Wilson, Sophia, North Carolina

Dear Johnny and Charlotte:
We are showering you with all the love that you showed us over the years. With the greatest of love and affection.
Cathy Peltier

Dear Johnny,
I want to thank you so much for all the selfless entertainment that you provided everyone over the years. Wishing you the best for the holiday season. I will always be a fan of yours!
Yours sincerely,
Stephen Connor Methuen, Mass.

I wish you all the best! The Rifleman was one of the best series ever, with such great lessons, moral value & great, wonderful cast. We love you and are praying for you.
All the best,
Johnny Mack Brown, Checotah, OK

Johnny- Love you man!

Dear Johnny,
Wishing you my best and always to you and your family... I’ve enjoy you and Chuck Connors over 60yrs of The Rifleman... Good Luck and God Bless you...
Gene Hauck Olmsted Falls, OH

Dear Johnny,
Thank you for all the wonderful memories you’ve shared over the years. I feel like I know you through your music and television. Wishing you the best this holiday season.
Much love,

Dear Johnny -
Merry Christmas to you and Charlotte! Every good wish for happiness!
Love and prayers,
Linda Crowley, Long Island, New York

You were my first crush. I have followed you through the years. Many holiday wishes for you and thank you for the joy you have given to so many.
Debbie, Washington State

Howdy Johnny,
From 1 Johnny to another. Wishing you long days in the sunshine yet to come! Have a joyous holiday season! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from the Lazy H Ranch in Thayne, Wyoming.
John Howard


You’re an inspiration and a truly remarkable human being. You were born to play Mark on The Rifleman, that gift you shared with millions of viewers was a highlight in our family and many others. God bless you and your family and friends.
J. Meidell

Dear Johnny,
I still watch you in the rifleman to this day. You were great as Mark & could really ride a horse great! Wishing you a happy & blessed Christmas!
Mike Novak, Bayville, NJ

Hey sir,
I appreciate you so much for the work you done on The Rifleman I love the show so much watch it every chance I get still number one as for me wishing you a great holiday season, sir..

Dear Johnny,
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.
Merry Christmas and sending much love to you!
Kerstin Hansen, Payson, Utah

Hay there Johnny,
Merry Christmas and happy New Years to come.
God Bless,
David W USN(SW) Retired

Dear johnny,
Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed holiday greetings
Brenda Bell, Texas City, TX

Dear Johnny,
Wishing you all the best this holiday season. THANK You for all the wonderful memories and great episodes they’ll last a liftime.

Merry Christmas to you, I have always been a Rifleman fan. I wish you all the best and the Lord’s blessings on your life. It would be cool it you could send me an autograph picture.
Paul Babicz, Northlake, IL

Johnny, someday you may forget about us but will never forget you may God be with you I watch you on TV all the time in my living room still a young boy filled with joy and happiness good luck my friend Capt Bob

Dear Johnny,
Thank you for being a great person! Your portrayal as Mark still inspires kids 60 years later to do the right thing!
Best wishes for holidays!
Darryl K, San Rafael, CA

Dear Johnny,
Happy Hoildays!
Donna Lockard, Willow Grove, PA

Dear Johnny,
Wishing you all the best during this holiday season. Stay strong
Enzo Lot, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Dear Johnny,
Wishing you a blessed Holiday Season.
Michael Flater
Bloomfield, IN

Dear Johnny: Love seeing you on The Rifle man. You are so talented both in your acting and music careers. Wishing you and your family peace and comfort at this challenging time.
Normajean, Moultonborough, NH

Dear Johnny,
I have lost my grandpa to this ugly disease & the blessing is that Johnny will not be able to see the pain in your eyes as this takes over his mind & body so my prayers are to you the family, may the lord give you peace & comfort.

All the Best to You, Johnny.
From a Canadian Fan...You are Loved Here, too!

Dear Johnny,
Wishing all the best and want to let you know you are in my prayers.
David P., Richfield, MN

God bless you Johnny.
Rick from PA

Hey Johnny, wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!
Rick Mounce, Bellmawr, NJ

Dear Johnny, I am wishing you the Best, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Sending Hugs From Pittsfield Maine.
Linda Provost, Pittsfield Maine

We pray you have a blessed Christmas and may the Lord shine His love down on you!
Dave and Pam, Capron, IL

Dear Johnny,
Watch the Rifleman every day and enjoy your work so much. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Marguerite Brunette, Manchester, New Hampshire

Dear Johnny,
We continue to watch The Rifleman every weekday on MeTV. We always loved the show as kids and continue to love it as grandparents!

Stay safe and stay well. All the best.

I have very fond memories of you in The Rifleman. I introduced the show to my sons when they were small. They calling my father Pa because of the show. Stay strong my friend, sending Prayers.
Thank you for the memories,
Mike Sclafani

Dear Johnny,
Happy Holidays and thank you for all the wonderful afternoons I had growing up watching Rifleman.
Jon Wilkins, Norwalk, CT

Dear Johnny,
Wishing you and your family a merry christmas and a prosperous new year.
Geoff King (The Rifleman fan), Perth, Western Australia

Dear Johnny,
Wishing you many holiday blessings. Thank you for the wonderful memories you help create on The Rifleman. I still watch them on television.
Merry Christmas.
John, Lexington, KY

Wishing you well. You are in our prayers. You have been an inspiration to us for years. God Bless you.
Frank & Kathleen

I and my family have been big fans of The Rifleman since I can remember. My Dad actually knew Chuck Connors when they were kids in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. You are part of the best TV Western, EVER!
Joe Strangio, Tucson, AZ

Dear Johnny,
I was watching the Rifleman when I was a kid and now still watching it at 60. Thank you for the years of great entertainment. Have a Merry Christmas.
Tom H., Lake Placid, NY

Wishing you all the best this holiday season. Love watching the Rifleman.
David Gajsek, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Dear Johnny,
I wish you all the best this holiday season. I watched you every week and I still am watching the re-runs of The Rifleman every day on my local TV Station. You are a great actor in the show. Richard Harts, Kendallville, IN

have a great day

I will always appreciate Johnny Crawford’s acting as Mark McCain in The Rifleman, which was, besides Fury, the only TV Western I ever watched regularly. I also enjoyed Johnny’s great singing on his hit Del-Fi records, including Rumors.

Dear Johnny,
You and I are the same age and you were one of my Heros in my childhood...I loved you and Chuck Connors together..the chemistry was definitely there.I never missed an episode of the Rifleman if I could.
May God Bless you,
Larry Miller, Ala.

Thank you for all the great memories of all your Rifleman shows. We are a few years apart in age, but was such a fan of yours back then. Dear Lord heal Johnny!
Rick Simpson

Howdy Sir,
I would like to wish you and all of your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and the happiest New Year ever.
Jason Lake

God bless you and yours. The Merriest Of Christmas and the best New Year ever
Chief Tom, Maugansville, MD

You are truly beautiful man and you have made generations of people family. My dad and I share a love of westerns and a love of you. Be well, and feel the joy we are all sending you.
Love, Barbara Emanuele

Dear Johnny,
I loved you on The Rifleman when I was a kid and now at 65 I love the show even more. It makes me feel like a kid again!
Merry Christmas and Godspeed,
Jane Smith, Newbury, MA

Dear Johnny,
Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Thought and prayers are with you. You gave us so many memories and I will never forget my first crush.
A loyal fan,
Chesteen, El Sobrante, CA

Mr. Crawford-
I would like to thank you for your wonderful work, not only on The Rifleman, but your wonderful music. May you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season, and we’ll be thinking of you!!!

Dear Johnny, Please accept My Gratitude for all the Joy you Have given. Happy Holidays

All the best Johnny to you and your lovely wife this Christmas. I’ve watched you over 60 years beginning in 1958 and now on reruns. God bless you buddy.
Richard C Proud

Dear Johnny,
Thank you for making The Rifleman as memorable as it is! I’ve enjoyed the show for many years! You were perfect in the role of Mark McCain! Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year!
The show is where I learned to be a better son and dad.
Craig, Kenmore, WA

Dear Johnny,
You are being thought about & prayed for. I’m so sorry you’re going through so much. You have given a great deal of joy & happiness to others. Still do. I just watched another episode of The Rifleman. Thank you.

Still watch you in the Rifleman and thinking of you. Wish you all the best!!!!!
Rod Reichheld, Cayuga, Ontario, Canada

May blessings abound for you!
Rob Dea, DeLand, FL

I wish the best for you always.
One of your fans,
Joseph Chumley, from Woodbridge Virginia

Hi Johnny,
I’m the same age as you. The Rifleman was my favorite cowboy series on TV because each episode had a good moral to the story. Compassion, empathy and justice were the touchstones I loved and learned about on your show. You’re my hero.

Sir, I grew up watching you on TV helped me out getting through some bad times just heard about you I’m so sorry! I loved how you & your TV dad helped each other! my dad was a VFW never saw him much growing up, never give up! I’m a drummer like my dad.

You and the family are in our thoughts and prayers! I STILL watch The Rifleman it’s on ME-TV; I grew up watching you and Chuck Conner’s every Saturday! Hope the good Lord helps with your condition!

Dear Johnny,
I have watched the Rifleman since I was a little boy. I’m 66 now. The wonderful morals and life lessons you and Chuck Connors shared are extremely precious and cherished by myself & family.
Thank you so much
David Jay Wolf, Philadelphia, PA

I am one of your biggest fans, have been since the Rifleman began (September 1958).

We get the program here in Columbus, Ohio on MeTV from 3:00pm to 4:00pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday from 5:00pm to 6:00. I wish you the best, Happy Holidays.