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The Rifleman soundtrack 2-CD set

Original music from The Rifleman
by composer Hershel Burke Gilbert
™ ® © 2017 Laurel Records, Inc.

The wildly popular and distinctive music for the series was composed by veteran Hollywood composer Gilbert, who had earned 3 Academy nominations for his film scores.This 2 CD set includes cues originally written for the series (including the original and revised end titles) remastered from the original audio tape, plus a bonus CD of extras, including selected cues from Gilbert’s film scores used in the series, as well as vocals and extra materials not used on-screen. 

Release date: April 13, 2017

Plastic jewel case holds 2 discs

Cues and extras never released previously

24-page booklet explains the history of the scoring and has lyrics to The Rifleman Song

CD 1 Total time: 57:48

CD 2 Total time: 61:44

Dimensions: 4 7/8" x 5 5/8" x 3/8"

Weight: 5 oz.

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