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Outlaw's Inheritance
Episode 38
Writer: George W. George and Judy Taylor
Director: Don Taylor
Original Air Date 06/16/1959


Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain

Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain

Paul Fix as Marshal Micah Torrance

Guest Cast
William Bishop as Dave Stafford

William Bishop was an American stage, film and television actor who performed in more than 50 different plays, movies and television shows.  Raised in New York and New Jersey, his uncle arranged for him to have a summer job working at the theater of Suffern County, New York, where he worked with fellow actors Broderick Crawford, George Tobias, Jose Ferrer and Kent Smith.  Following that experience, he decided to leave college and continue acting.  Bishop toured with "Tobacco Road" and worked briefly at the Mercury Theatre in New York before venturing to Hollywood, where he was signed to a contract with MGM and later Columbia Pictures.  Most of his early work went uncredited.  Bishop made one appearance in THE RIFLEMAN, playing Dave Stafford in "Outlaw's Inheritance" (episode 38).  He also appeared in lesser known Western films.

Robert Foulk as Johannson
Robert Foulk

Robert Foulk was an American actor who made over 200 appearances in film and television in the 1950's through the 1970's.  He also worked as a dialogue coach in his early career.  He was frequently cast in Westerns, including "Last of the Badmen" (1957), "The Tall Stranger" (1957), "The Left-Handed Gun" (1958), and "Cast a Long Shadow" (1958).   He played the recurring role of the Bartender in Joel McCrea's "Witchita Man" (1959) and the next door neighbor in "Father Knows Best" (1955-1959).  Foulk made five appearances in THE RIFLEMAN, portraying Toomey the Blacksmith in "The Second Witness" (episode 23), "Three Legged Terror" (episode 30) and "Outlaw's Inheritance" (episode 38).  He played two different characters, Johannson in "The Raid" (episode 37) and Herbert Newman in "The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town" (episode 99).

Fred Graham as Hank (the drunk)

Fred Graham, born Charles Frederick Graham, was an American stuntman and actor.  Between his stunt work and acting credits, he appeared in more than 400 movies and television shows during a career spanning 40 years.  When he had speaking parts, he usually appeared as a bearded villain.  As a stuntman, he was known for his baseball expertise.  Following his retirement from acting, Graham served as the director of the Arizona Motion Pictures Development Office.

Graham provided stunt work for many films, including the adventure film "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938), starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone and Claude Rains; the western "Fort Apache" (1948), starring John Wayne; the sci-fi classic "The War of the Worlds" (1953), starring Gene Barry; the Alfred Hitchcock thriller "Rear Window" (1954), starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly and Raymond Burr; and the western "Rio Bravo" (1959), starring John Wayne, Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson.

As an actor, Graham had minor parts in several films, including the noir films "The Woman in the Window" (1944), starring Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett, and "The Asphalt Jungle" (1950), starring Sterling Hayden and Louis Calhern.  He also appeared in another Hitchcock thriller "Vertigo" (1958), this time pairing James Stewart with Kim Novak.  He also guest-starred in a few popular television shows, including the suspense anthology series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955–1962), the Disney anthology series "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" (1954–1990) and the courtroom drama "Perry Mason" (1957–1966).

Graham made one appearance in THE RIFLEMAN, portraying Hank the drunk in "Outlaw's Inheritance" (episode 38).  He guest-starred in many other westerns, including Gunsmoke" (1955–1975), starring James Arness; "Wagon Train" (1957–1965), starring John McIntyre and Ward Bond; "Tales of Wells Fargo" (1957–1962), starring Dale Robertson; "Have Gun – Will Travel" (1957–1963), starring Richard Boone; "Wanted: Dead or Alive" (1958–1961), starring Steve McQueen; "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" (1955–1961), starring Hugh O'Brian; "Rawhide" (1959–1966), starring Clint Eastwood; and "Death Valley Days" (1952–1975), hosted by Robert Taylor.

Dabbs Greer as Marcus Trimble
Dabbs Greer

Dabbs Greer was an American actor who had a prolific career spanning more than 50 years.   A highly recognizable character actor—the quintessential everyman—he played a wide range of supporting roles in film and television.  Originally from Missouri, his southern accent lent authenticity to the rural characters he often portrayed, especially in Westerns.  Frequently cast as a minister, his most memorable role may have been Reverend Alden in "Little House on the Prairie" (1974–1983).

Greer made his film debut in the 1938 feature "Jesse James."  He appeared in the 1958 film noir "I Want to Live" and reprised a similar role in the 1999 film, "The Green Mile," in which he played the Tom Hank's character, Paul Edgecomb, as an elderly man.  

Greer appeared in several recurring roles in popular television series in the 1950's and 1960's, including THE RIFLEMAN, in which he guest-starred eight times: he portrayed Marcus Trimble in "Outlaw's Inheritance" (episode 38), Sam Elder in "Boomerang" (episode 39), Brett in "Panic" (episode 47), Farley Steele Weaver in "The Jailbird" (episode 73), Jack Scully in "The Promoter" (episode 87), Finny in "The Wyoming Story, Parts I and II" (episodes 96 and 97), and Taylor, a prison guard in "The Stand-In" (episode 114).

Greer's recurring roles in other popular TV series included "Hank" (1965–1966), in which he played track coach Ossie Weiss, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir" (1968-–1970), as Sheriff Norris "Norrie" Coolidge, and in"Gunsmoke" (1955–1975) as storekeeper Wilbur Jonas.

Bartlett Robinson as Samuel

Bartlett "Bart" Robinson was an American radio, stage, film and television actor.  He appeared in nearly 130 movies and television shows during a 20-year career.  As a young actor, Robinson divided his time between performing on stage in New York and working in radio and film in Los Angeles.  He was a regular on the last major network radio show "Yours Truly Johnny Dollar," which ended in 1962.  Among his career highlights, Robinson was the voice of Perry Mason (1943) during radio's Golden Age; he portrayed Benjamin Frank Mahoney in the biographical drama "The Spirit of St. Louis" (1957), starring James Stewart and Murray Hamilton; and he appeared in "To Serve Man" (1962), one of the most popular episodes in the iconic Rod Serling anthology "The Twilight Zone."

Bartlett guest-starred in many popular television shows of the 1950s through the 70s, including "Father Knows Best" (1954–1960), the crime drama "M Squad" (1957–1960), the detective drama "Richard Diamond: Private Detective" (1957–1960), the crime drama "The Untouchables" (1959–1963), the suspense anthology series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955–1962), the private detective series "77 Sunset Strip" (1958–1964), Rod Serling's iconic anthology series "The Twilight Zone" (1959–1964), the family comedy "My Three Sons" (1960–1972), the legal drama "Perry Mason" (1957–1966), the western action adventure "The Wild Wild West" (1965–1969), the police drama "Mod Squad" (1968–1973) and the adventure drama "It Takes a Thief" (1968–1970).

Robinson made one appearance in THE RIFLEMAN, portraying Samuel Britton in "Outlaw's Inheritance" (episode 38).  He guest-starred in several other westerns, including "Cheyenne" (1955–1963), starring Clint Walker; "Zane Grey Theater" (1956–1961), starring Dick Powell; "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" (1955–1961), starring Hugh O'Brian; "Maverick" (1957–1962), starring Jack Kelly and James Garner; and "Bonanza" (1959–1973), starring Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and Pernell Roberts.

Harlan Warde as John Hamilton, President of the North Fork Bank
Harlan Warde as John Hamilton, President of the No

Harlan Warde was an American actor who appeared in 180 films and television series over a 40 year career.  Most of his early film roles were uncredited.  He appeared in 18 episodes of THE RIFLEMAN, portraying John Hamilton, President of the North Fork Bank.  His character debuted in "The Safeguard" (episode 8).   Warde had recurring roles in other television series, many in the Western genre.  Among his many other TV credits, he also appeared in "Dragnet" ( 1954), "You Are There" (1953–1956), "Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre" (1955 1957), "Perry Mason" (1958–1966), "The Virginian" (1962–1971), "Bonanza" (1962–1972), "The Big Valley" (1965–1969) and "The Fugitive" (1966 1967).

The railroad is debating whether to build a new line into North Fork or into Center City.  The townsfolk of North Fork want the rail line and elect Lucas to go to Yuma and speak with the railroad company on the town's behalf.  In the meantime, Dave Stafford, a con-man who's been hired by the wealthy Mr. Britton to ensure that the railroad line goes to Center City, tries to find a way to be named as the town's representative instead of Lucas.  When Lucas learns he is heir to the will of a notorious outlaw killed recently, the town begins to doubt Lucas' worthiness to act as their representative.