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Episode 47
Writer: Albert Aley
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Original Air Date 11/10/1959


Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain

Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain

Paul Fix as Marshal Micah Torrance

Guest Cast
Lynn Cartier as Mother of Sick Boy

Lynn Cartier guest-starred in two episodes of THE RIFLEMAN, portraying Mrs. Porter in "Panic" (episode 47) and Alice Bedford in "The Hero" (episode 59).

Dabbs Greer as Brett
Dabbs Greer

Dabbs Greer was an American actor who had a prolific career spanning more than 50 years.   A highly recognizable character actor—the quintessential everyman—he played a wide range of supporting roles in film and television.  Originally from Missouri, his southern accent lent authenticity to the rural characters he often portrayed, especially in Westerns.  Frequently cast as a minister, his most memorable role may have been Reverend Alden in "Little House on the Prairie" (1974–1983).

Greer made his film debut in the 1938 feature "Jesse James."  He appeared in the 1958 film noir "I Want to Live" and reprised a similar role in the 1999 film, "The Green Mile," in which he played the Tom Hank's character, Paul Edgecomb, as an elderly man.  

Greer appeared in several recurring roles in popular television series in the 1950's and 1960's, including THE RIFLEMAN, in which he guest-starred eight times: he portrayed Marcus Trimble in "Outlaw's Inheritance" (episode 38), Sam Elder in "Boomerang" (episode 39), Brett in "Panic" (episode 47), Farley Steele Weaver in "The Jailbird" (episode 73), Jack Scully in "The Promoter" (episode 87), Finny in "The Wyoming Story, Parts I and II" (episodes 96 and 97), and Taylor, a prison guard in "The Stand-In" (episode 114).

Greer's recurring roles in other popular TV series included "Hank" (1965–1966), in which he played track coach Ossie Weiss, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir" (1968-–1970), as Sheriff Norris "Norrie" Coolidge, and in"Gunsmoke" (1955–1975) as storekeeper Wilbur Jonas.

Enid Janes/Jaynes as Amy Barker
Enid Jaynes

Enid Janes/Jaynes made six guest appearances in THE RIFLEMAN, twice in two-part stories.  She appeared as Amy Barker in "Panic" (episode 47), Aggie in "The Wyoming Story, Parts I and II" (episodes 96 and 97), as Abbey Striker in "Quiet Fear" (episode 127), and the Pregnant Woman in "Waste, Parts I and II" (episodes 143 and 144).  She later appeared with Chuck Connors in "Geronimo" (1962) as Huera.  Jaynes was wife of THE RIFLEMAN producer Jules V. Levy.

Bill Joyce as Clay Barker

William "Bill" Joyce was an American stage, film and television actor.  He appeared in more than 40 movies and television shows during a career spanning 45 years.  Following his service in the United States Army, Joyce began performing on Broadway, appearing in various productions, including "Damn Yankees" and "Bye Bye Birdie."  He had several film roles, including the leading role of Tom Harris in the horror B-movie "I Eat Your Skin" (1964) and Senator Charles in the thriller "Parallax View" (1974), starring Warren Beatty; as well as a minor part in the biographical drama "The Wings of Eagles" (1957), starring John Wayne.  He also guest-starred in the soap opera "Days of Our Lives" (1965– ).  He made one appearance in THE RIFLEMAN, portraying Clay Barker in "Panic" (episode 47).  He also guest-starred in the westerns "Bat Masterson" (1958–1961), starring Gene Barry; "Rawhide" (1959–1966), starring Clint Eastwood; "Have Gun – Will Travel" (1957–1963), starring Richard Boone.

Bill Quinn as Sweeney, the Bartender
Bill Quinn as Sweeney, the Bartender

Bill Quinn was an American actor whose early career began in the 1920's in silent films and ended with the 1989 science fiction film, "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier."  Perhaps, his best-known role was Mr. Ranseleer, Archie Bunker's blind friend in "All In The Family" (1971-1978).  He also was a regular character in the Carroll O'Connor spin-off, "Archie Bunker's Place."  Quinn's other television credits include roles in "The Odd Couple" (1970-1975), "McHale's Navy" (1962-1966), and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" (1970-1977), in which he play Mary Richard's father.  In 1971, he appeared in Universal Pictures' "How to Frame a Figg" starring Don Knotts.  Quinn was a regular character in THE RIFLEMAN, appearing in 40 episodes as Sweeney, the Owner/Bartender of the North Fork Saloon.

Fay Roope as Doc Burrage
Fay Roope

Fay Roope was an American character actor, born Winfield Harding Roope.  Beginning in the 1920's he was primarily a stage actor, appearing both off and on Broadway for nearly 30 years.  In the 1950's until his death in 1961, he worked primarily in film and television.  His film credits include roles in "From Here To Eternity" (1953, uncredited), the Gary Cooper comedy "You're in the Navy Now" (1951, uncredited), and the original version of the science-fiction classic film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951, uncredited) and "Viva Zapata" (1952) and "Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki" (1955).  Roope also guest-starred in numerous television series, including "Mr. & Mrs. North" (1952–1953), "Dragnet" (1958), "Perry Mason" (1958) and "Twilight Zone" (1960).  He also appeared in many of the drama anthology shows during the Golden Age of television.

Roope made four appearances in THE RIFLEMAN, portraying Jeff Stacey in "The Brother-In-Law" (episode 5), Baynes Barton in "The Spiked Rifle" (episode 49), and he was one of six actors to play the recurring character of Doc Burrage—Roope portrayed Doc Burrage in "Panic" (episode 47) and "The Legacy" (episode 51).  He was a recognizable veteran actor in Westerns, including "The Lone Ranger" (1954), "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" (1955–1958), "The Adventures of Jim Bowie" (1957–1958), "Gunsmoke" (1959), in which he played the recurring character Mr. Botkin, "Bonanza" (1959), "The Texan" (1958–1960), "Rawhide" (1959) and "Cheyenne" (1960).

Hope Summers as Hattie Denton, Owner of the General Store
Hope Summers as Hattie Denton, Owner of the Genera

Hope Summers was an American actress of the stage, radio, film and television.  Her acting career began in the 1930's, when she worked primarily in community and stock theater and radio.  Her career was most active in the 1950's and 1960's, when she appeared in numerous films and television shows.   Her film credits include "Zero Hour!" (1957), "Inherit the Wind" (1960), "Spencer's Mountain" (1963), "The Hallelujah Trail" (1965), "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" (1966), "The Shakiest Gun in the West" (1968), "Rosemary's Baby" (1968), "Charley Varrick" (1973) and her last movie, "Foul Play" (1978).

Summers began working in television in the 1950's, guest-starring in a wide variety of genres, but especially Westerns.  Her television credits include "The Loretta Young Show" (1956–1959), "Maverick" (1957) and "Wagon Train" (1957), "Gunsmoke" (1958–1963), "Dennis the Menace" (1959), "Petticoat Junction" (1963) and "The Phyllis Diller Show" (1966).  She played numerous memorable recurring roles in many hit television series, including "Hawkins Falls: A Television Novel" (1950).  Her best-known role was Clara Edwards, Aunt Bee's gossipy neighbor, in "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960-1968) and its spin-off, "Mayberry R.F.D." (1968–1971).  Summers appeared in 16 episodes of THE RIFLEMAN as Hattie Denton, owner of the General Store.  Hattie was first introduced in "Eight Hours to Die" (episode 6).  Her last regular television role was playing Olive in "Another Day" (1978).

Charles Watts as Maury Cass

Charles Watts was an American film and television actor.  He appeared in more than 100 movies and television shows in a short but busy acting career of just 15 years.  Born in Clarksville, Tennessee in 1912, in his early life Watts was a high-school teacher and worked in local theater and tent shows.  He did not embark upon a full-fledged acting career until 1950; however, as a portly character actor, Watts was usually cast in supporting roles, frequently portraying glad-handing politicians, voluble businessmen and salesmen, wily bankers, and alternately avuncular or distrustful family elders.  His movie credits include the film adaption of Edna Ferber's "Giant" (1956) starring Rock Hudson, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor, the romantic film classic "An Affair to Remember" (1957), starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, the biopic "The Spirit of St. Louis" (19557), starring James Stewart, "The Big Circus" (1959), starring Victor Mature and Rhonda Fleming, among many others.  He guest-starred in many popular shows, including the western "The Cisco Kid" (1951–1954), starring Duncan Renaldo, the comic book superhero series "Adventures of Superman" (1952–1958), starring George Reeves, the mystery anthology series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1957–1968),the crime dramas "Dragnet" (1951–1959), starring Jack Webb and Henry Morgan, and "The Untouchables" (1959–1963), starring Robert Stack.  Watts also appeared in lighter fare, including the family sitcom "Bachelor Father" (1959–1962), in which he played the recurring role of Judge Blandon, and the classic family comedy based on the comic strip "Dennis the Menace" (1959–1963), starring Jay North in the title role.

Watts made three appearances in THE RIFLEMAN, portraying Alvah Kemper in "The Brother-in-Law" (episode 5), Maury Cass in "Panic" (episode 47) and Joe Beaseley in "The Mescalero Curse" (episode 106).  In addition to THE RIFLEMAN, Watts guest-starred in a number of other westerns, including "The Lone Ranger" (1949–1957), starring Clayton Moore, "Maverick" (1957–1962), starring James Garner, "Rawhide" (1959–1966), starring Clint Eastwood, "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" (1955–1961), starring Hugh O'Brian, "Gunsmoke" (1955–1975), starring James Arness, and "Bonanza" (1959–1973), starring Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts and Michael Landon.

Lucas offers shelter to a young traveler and his wife who have fallen ill on the road.  When the town suspects that the young couple has Yellow Fever, a mob gathers and threatens to burn Lucas' house, unless he turns out his patients.